The Huntsmen

I wrote this poem a few years ago after listening to a couple of radio hosts tell stories of Huntsmen Spiders causing accidents when they hitched a ride in the car. They were scared of the Spiders. I couldn’t help seeing it from the Spiders perspective.

Bob and Paul were Huntsmen

Big hairy huntsmen.

They lived in a big old Blackbutt

Out the back of Bill’s place

They loved footy and practical jokes

They would watch the game on Bill’s TV

Dressed in their footy socks and jerseys

From behind the blinds in Bill’s house.

One of their favourite jokes was tickling Bill’s moustache when he was asleep

They would roll around in stitches

But their favourite joke of all was taking a drive in the car

Where they would take it in turns

Showing their hairy legs

Both sides of the drivers visor

What mayhem they caused

If you could see them

Doubled over from the laughter while telling

Snorting and slapping legs on legs

On their backs

Their footy sock bedecked legs kicking in delight

Oh what fun they had.

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