The Week Just Gone

I had a very eventful week and I captured some of it in pictures for you to see.

Farewell to my old car which I bought with so much optimism and I loved her dearly. She was written off in a hail storm about 2 years ago. Shortly after I got her I got very sick and had to learn to drive again and then I injured my shoulders one after the other so was forced onto the buses once again.

Then there is a photo of my new car that I have already started work on to get it ready for my camping adventures. It is a Nissan x trail and has enough room in the back for me and Poppy to sleep quite comfortably. There is plenty of storage space. So it is the perfect option. I kept looking a vans but there is big demand for them at the moment and the ones I could afford had too many kilometres on the clock.

I took some photos of my hood. I live in Saratoga which sits on the Brisbane Waters. It is on a peninsula just 15 minutes from Gosford and Terrigal. It is a very beautiful place. The Central Coast or this part of it has benefited through the pandemic, because people are choosing to holiday locally and this has always been the big pull for this part of the Coast. The more people visit, the more they want to stay to continue that lifestyle so house prices have risen quite a bit. Not so good if you have to rent for the market has dried up and rents have soared.

On Wednesday I visiting my daughter who lives in Newcastle. Newcastle is a fabulous place to visit and the coast line is full of interesting places. We visited Stockton Beach which has suffered badly due to the recent storms with much of the beach closed.

On the was home Poppy and I stopped at Catherine Hill Bay which is really quite magical. It is hard to believe that they loaded coal for many years here. Apart from the wharf and remains of some man made structures along the beach, you might see the occasional lump of coal on the beach, black against the whiteness of the sand.

Last Saturday I visited my son and his partner in Sydney. Then I went to the SCG to watch my team the Sydney Swans play the Adelaide Crows. It was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny, perfect weather for watching the footy. I am a member of the Sydney Swans, having grown up in Victoria, I really appreciate the AFL in Sydney.

Sydney had a good win and afterwards we went for dinner at Barangaroo a wonderful spot which was really busy on a balmy Saturday night. After dinner Erin and I stood in a long winding queue at Rivareno Gelato. The gelato is the best I have ever had and is worth the trip to Barangaroo on it own.

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