Books on the Go

I listen to Audible when I travel. I have always been a keen reader and I love Audible because I can drive and listen to a book at the same time. You can go through quite a few books when your travelling and it can get quite expensive. My daughter and son share some of their book credits with me and that has made it more affordable.

I have heard some people claim that listening to books is not the same as having books, the written word in a literal sense. But as a writer I know that it does not matter how you consume the book, the most important thing is, it is read. In fact being able to listen to books allows people who before could not access books, because of their sight, or literacy or whatever reason, opens their world to the wonders that books bring.

I want to bring you some of the books that have given me so much pleasure. So check out Books for the Road to see my reviews.

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