Menindee Lakes

Menindee is just over a thousand kilometres north west of Sydney. It is fed by the Barka/Darling River. It is culturally and environmentally important. The Barkindji gaining Native Title rights in 2015, but to the land not the water of the Barka. It is an important habitat for birds and fish species when it is in flood.

Lake Pamamaroo

This is photo I took while camped at Lake Pamamaroo near the town of Menindee, NSW. I have always wanted to go here. When I was a young environmental activist it was a dream of mine to visit sometime. I finally did it. Just me and my dog Poppy. Its a long way from anywhere and a bit scary when your on your own. But now i have been once, I want to go again. It is quite magical.

The water is still flowing into Lake Pamamaroo. It is amazing to think that this water has come from tropical rain many thousands of kilometres away in southern Queensland.

This is what the country looks like from Broken Hill to Menindee. The main features in this part of the drive are the dead kangaroos beside the road and the dozens of crows attracted to the roadkill.

This is a native Mistletoe attached to a Wattle

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant growing on another plant using the water and nutrients of its host. This little Mistletoe was everywhere where I was camped. It provides a bit of colour in the landscape.

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