Easy Eggs

While your enjoying the great outdoors it is important to eat healthy. Moreover, preparation, good cooking equipment and some basic recipes are key.

I spent my whole life not being able to poach eggs. It didn’t matter what method I tried I couldn’t get them to stay together. However, I was watching one of those cooking shows on TV, when the presenter gave his version of poached eggs and I have never looked back.

How To Poach Eggs

In a shallow pan bring water to simmer. You just want to see little bubbles breaking the surface. Do not allow water to boil.

Break Egg into a teacup.

Place the egg gently into the water.

Leave to cook for 4 minutes.

It really worked. No more tornado’s in the water. No more vinegar. Just perfect poached eggs

Try the with some wilted spinach and some smashed avocado on whole grain toast, for a delicious breakfast.

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