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It is especially difficult to cook for one. But is important because food is not just something to fill up on, it is important for our health both psychically and mentally. It becomes a bit more challenging when camping.

I am mostly vegetarian these days. There are three main reasons for this. My concerns about animal welfare, my own health and the impacts of climate change.

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Although I don’t suffer from diabetes myself, it is the fastest growing disease in Australia. Diabetes is the biggest cause of preventable blindness in Australia. It can lead to chronic heart conditions as well as infections which can lead to amputations. It is a really shitty way to live and it is happening to more and more Australians. It is increasingly affecting people at a younger age. If you don’t believe me then check out what the experts say here at

The sad thing is that the effects of Diabetes 2 can be modified by changing our diet and getting some exercise. So it important that we take some ownership of what we eat and prepare our meals in as healthy and nutritious way as possible.

So this is my list of what to do to stay healthy.

Avoid processed foods. All processed food have sugar or salt in them, and often both. You need to be in control of how much sugar and salt you eat. You cant do that eating processed food. Avoid take away and pre-packaged meals from the supermarket.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. People know this. You can do it. It just needs for you to be in control.

Try to eat at least 5 serves of vegetable a day.

Vegetable are a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in fibre which is important for gut health. Fruit is also good but again in moderation as it contains naturally occurring sugars. Do not substitute for juice as this concentrates the sugars and in some instances removes the fibre. Eat an orange. You won’t have to clean up.

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Reduce the amount of carbohydrates. This is a bit simplistic really. So Brown rice instead of white. Multi Grain bread instead of white. But with pasta I’m staying with the traditional pasta. Just add vegetables. There are some fabulous vegetable sauces for pasta.

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Exercise. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Just go for a walk. Walk your dog. Walk your kids. Walk in the bush. Walk on the beach.

This is what I try to keep in mind whether at home or camping. It is much easier when you are at home of course. When camping you have to think about it more. But I think I have some terrific recipes and tricks to make camp cooking healthy and delicious.

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