The Trip North Continued

The Volcanic Plains

I next visited my brother who breeds native freshwater blackfish. The blackfish are extinct in many of the south-west waterways due to habitat destruction, agricultural pollution and introduced species. However, my brother has managed to breed them. He is hoping to have them reintroduced into selected streams so that they can be monitored. It is a good story and you can find out more at his page

I had planned to drive to Ararat but that was a bit ambitious, so I stopped at Terang for the night. I had been to Terang before, but mostly at night. Dad used to take me and my brother to the Terang Harness Racing when we were teenagers.

However, I was unprepared for what a pretty town it was. The town has a lovely avenue of heritage listed oak trees with war memorial and seats and BBQ in the centre piece. It is flanked by historical shops with some pretty good modern amenities. Nice coffee at the bakery and a fresh fruit and vegetables shop. It also had a laundromat. This was especially useful as it had been a few days since I washed. Clothes that is. It would be worth spending a few days here as there are several walks which look good.

The one at Mt Noorat, where they celebrate the birth of writer Alan Marshall, is to the top of a volcanic cone with a view over the countryside. At this time of year it would be beautiful. Autumn rains have left this little corner of Victoria a verdant green.

I had a lovely walk around the town and although the caravan park was a little small, the people were really nice and the amenities were good.

It is I must say a fantastic area to look around and stay for a few day. If you are into Volcanos and Lakes, some many times saltier than the sea, it is a treat. The Great Ocean Road is remarkable. However, spare a couple of day for places like Camperdown, Terang and many of the smaller places have histories going back tens of thousands of years.

If your going this way spend a bit of time around what is now called the Lakes and Craters district. The towns are beautiful and the people very friendly. The history is ancient. There were people living here when the volcanos were erupting and they lived here for a long time on the fertile plains of this region. I encourage you to get to know some of the history of the various clans that lived here before Europeans came.

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