Close to Home

I’ve been staying close to home since my visit to the magnificent Menindee Lakes.

Poppy needed surgery. Nothing too traumatic. I have got a dodgy right shoulder and have to have that seen to. Again nothing too traumatic. But it made me think about the things that made me move here in the first place.

Number one of course is the beaches and the lakes.


During the week Poppy and I visited Wollombi. A short journey over the mountains through Kulnura and Buckety leads to the historic township of Wollombi. As you gradually climb the mountains, you can catch images of the valleys below. The lush green of farmlands contrast to the magnificent forests of Yengo and Watagans National Park.

There is also remnants of the Great North Road called the Convict Trail constructed by convicts between 1826 and 1836. It is truly amazing to think of the incredible effort it took to construct the road through such mountainous country.

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