Save the Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO the body responsible for identifying places of world significance wants to place the Great Barrier Reef on the in danger list. A responsible government should have known this was coming. In 2015 UNESCO considered doing this but a lobbying effort by Australia and other countries saw it postponed.

The government says it has been blind-sided by this decision. It has not. It was inevitable. The Federal Government always looks for a political fix never the solution. They will blame everyone except themselves.

A natural phenomenon as iconic to Australia as that other great natural landmark Uluru is being allowed to die because of inaction by the Federal Government.

The Great Barrier Reef was World Heritage listed in 1981. It has been described as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It stretches for 3000 kilometres from Bundaberg in the south to the Cape York in the north. It attracts millions of tourists a year to see the colorful corals and the diverse marine and bird life that live in and around the coral.

The Great Barrier Reef is dying. Climate Change and run off from land based industry has caused unprecedented bleaching of the coral. We must act now. Not only will the coral die but so too all the diverse wildlife that depends on it. And a wonderful colorful piece of the planet, a place which surpasses all the images of it, where you can experience nature in a big and bold fantastic dance, will die and our lives will so much poorer for it.

We must do everything we can to save this iconic and magnificent natural wonder.

4 thoughts on “Save the Great Barrier Reef

  1. As you are reading this, Canada and north west America are experienced unprecedented heat wave condition. We must work to reduce emissions.

  2. I absolutely agree with you. It’s time to act instead of closing our eyes in front of imminent repercussions of climate change. Green house gas emissions must come down on emergency basis, globally, to save the unique biosphere, we are part of. People must shun the fossil fuel vehicles untill it’s a bare necessity. The industrial emissions must be treated and checked to cut down emissions.

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