Save the Reef

UNESCO the body which gave the Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage status in 1981, has indicated that they are likely to place it ‘in danger’ when they next meet.

This should be a wake up call for Australia. The Great Barrier Reef brings countless tourists from Australia and around the world to its beautiful beaches and amazing coral formations. When we come out of the COVID border closures we are going to depend on the tourists once again flooding into North Queensland.

We should be asking ourselves how can we use this time to see what can be done to prevent further coral bleaching. We need to step up and not only admit there is a problem but ask for help to make sure one of the worlds natural wonders can survive.

But that’s not what the government is doing. They are going after the messenger, UNESCO, rather than admit there is a problem.

Australia’s continued reluctance to act on climate change has been the overarching reason that UNESCO has acted. They threatened in 2015 but were persuaded by Australia that the health of the reef would continue to monitored. They failed . We have to demand they step up and address the issues that are contributing to the death of this magnificent ecosystem.

photo of sea turtle
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