Why Save the Great Barrier Reef?

photo of sea turtle

Some may be asking why the seemingly recent obsession with the Great Barrier Reef. To that I would say that is not a recent obsession. I have always loved this place. How could you not. The thing about the reef is it is impossible to over promise. It truly is spectacular.

The other thing I see the survival of the Great Barrier Reef as a tipping point. If we allow it to die we have reached a point in time where we accept that for all of our advances we are still a primitive people. That we have accepted that the quest for monetary and fiscal well-being has overtaken the need for survival.

So I’m going to keep posting. I’ll try and have new things to say but The Great Barrier Reef needs to be something you think about everyday.

light sea nature holiday
Photo by Elliot Connor on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Why Save the Great Barrier Reef?

  1. Sue…keep on keeping on you are spot on such a beautiful natural reef should be saved and if not it is a damning indication of where and who we are

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