To Save the Reef we need to think Big!

photo of sea turtle

There is an advertising campaign being run by Tourism Australia featuring the very engaging Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake.

The ads are humorous and light hearted as you would expect from two comedians. I can see the campaign encouraging many people to hit the road and go and see the wonderful places the ads highlight.

The ads feature the Great Barrier Reef as one of the big things and it made me think about the strange dichotomy we have, with on the one hand celebrating how spectacular the reef is, and on the other being so casual about the reefs health.

The Great Barrier Reef before COVID was estimated to bring in between $4b and $6b a year through tourism so it is indeed big. It is one of the few things that people outside Australia would recognise as being Australian. A long with kangaroos, koalas and Uluru.

Why do our politicians continue to ignore the expert advise that has landed liked clockwork on their desks for more than two decades. That the biggest threat to the reef is climate change. Reports commissioned by the Federal Government point to this.

They have argued that instances of systemic damage across the reef are once off occurrences that can be fixed. They blame the messenger. They treat it like its a political game.

My concern is that they think that the Great Barrier Reef is too big to lose and they will be wrong.

photo of sea turtle
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on

2 thoughts on “To Save the Reef we need to think Big!

  1. The dichotomy is indeed strange. It exists for so many things in nature that deserve more focused attention that it must be an unavoidable result of human nature. We engage in fantasies small and large that let us live happily in the moment. At times the fantasies place us in danger and seem foolish. Thank you for writing about the needs of the reef.

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