Climate Change – Our World in Chaos

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is due to release its latest report later today. It is expected to find that the effects of global warming are occurring faster than predicted and that goals already set to keep climate change at the limits that countries set at Paris will be superseded.

This will be a warning to the World that unless we meet our Paris commitments of keeping any temperature increases at around +1.5, the future will be bleak. Already many of the changes happening are irreversible, the melting glaciers, receding ice in the polar regions, the severity of storms and bush fires around the globe are all likely to be permanent.

The lose to biodiversity is likely to be significant in Australia with treasured plant and animal species under increased danger of extinction.

We must act now. It is time Australia came out and led the fight to save our world from climate change.

More updates when the IPCC report is released.

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