National Threatened Species Day

Australia has nearly two thousand threatened species. Some are drop dead beautiful like the little Greater Glider. Some are easy to love like koalas and the northern hairy nosed wombat, but some are a little less cute like the little Boggomoss Snail.

You can find the list of threatened species her at the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Habitat loss and climate change is the most direct threat to these beautiful and unique animals. The NSW Government has reduced funding to National Parks and have supported and increased habitat clearance.

Campaign for a Threatened Species

Well what can we to protect threatened species? Some ideas from me.

Champion an in danger species.

Pick one or two of the threatened species and learn everything about them. Then write to your environment ministers asking them to be protected. Tell you family, friends and acquaintances about the animals you have championed and ask for their help. Write letters, educate and raise money for local campaigns to save our threatened species.

You can always adopt a threatened species from an organisation like the WWF, but that’s just about you giving money to their campaign for threatened species. Make a difference and become active. Go and visit their habitat. Educate your community about your endangered species.

Of course there are other things we can do. And we can do them locally as well.

Contact me if you need help. But I’m going to champion the Dasyurus hallucatus or the Northern Quoll which is endangered because of habitat destruction and feral cat predation.

The Northern Quoll

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