What has happened to Australia Post?

In April 2020 the Federal government granted Australia Post a temporary suspension of its service standards. These standards were around length of time it takes to deliver letters and mail delivery times in metropolitan areas.

It was supposed to be temporary. It was to apply until June 2021. Australia Post argued it was so that they could catch up with parcel delivery which had ben exacerbated by the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. With shops closed and more people at home ordering on line goods Australia Post needed that time to get parcel delivery times back to normal.

Yet the situation has got worse not better. There is a significantly longer wait on parcel delivery and it is October and the mail is still being delivered every other day. This situation has to change. Australia Post has to get back to its core business.

It appears that we are being softened up to the privatisation of Australia Post. But this would be a disaster for rural and regional areas especially. It is a service we should be proud of. A service which reaches all Australians not just those who live in metropolitan Australia. It is owned by all Australian and is an essential service for all Australians.

Currently it cant just lop off non-profit making services, but we would have no say in a privatised postal service.

We must make our voices heard and ensure the Australia Post returns to its service obligations and that this government doesn’t use the cover of the pandemic to privatise Australia Post

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