A little Ray

For the last few months I have been volunteering for a wildlife rescue organisation. It has been both rewarding and educative.

Rewarding because you get to help save native wildlife from birds of every type to snakes, echidnas, wallabies and even a sting ray. And of course meeting all the carers and rescuers who look after wildlife.

Educative because I am learning heaps about our wildlife and the things we can do to make things a bit better for them.

Here is me helping rescue a sting ray. The following was on Wildlife ARC Facebook page.

“Something a little different than usual……

Monday afternoon, one of our wildlife A.R.C members Sue, was walking her dog along the waterfront reserve at Yattalunga.

She had stopped to look at some of the work a bushcare regenerator had been doing when She spotted something flapping in the water. As She approached, She saw it was a estuary ray, sitting among the oyster beds.

She spoke to Nathan, who was there doing the bushcare regeneration and he said it was the second time it had beached itself.

She then called on the wonderful knowledge of the Wildlife ARC community and was given a number for Sea Shelter.

While waiting for more help to arrive, she was concerned that it if she lost sight of the ray, it could get lost among the mangroves and would suffer a terrible fate from its injuries out there on it’s own, so what did she do? She waded into the water and stood with the ray.

Eventually after over an hour of watching over him like a guardian angel, a rescuer from Sea Shelter arrived to help get the injured ray into care for treatment.

The rescuer placed the ray in a small toy swimming pool and Nathan walked the ray about 200 metres in the mangrove mud to a nearby boat ramp.

The Ray was taken into care and we are thrilled to hear he is alive and getting the much needed treatment he deserves.”

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