A Hollow Plan from a Hollow Man

I haven’t written about climate change for a while as this blog was about my travel adventures. But it is an issue I feel very strongly about.

However, I’ve been in lockdown for a long time and I think I would like to visit the South Australian coast. So I am waiting for the new year when school holidays are over and I can travel interstate.

In the mean time I have been working on the garden. And there is a lot to do. It is really overgrown. I used to spend a lot of time gardening but with full time work and then getting sick I have left it slide. It’s nice to discover some of the things I planted a long time ago continuing to thrive.

I planted a lot of native shrubs and small trees hoping to invite birds and other wildlife into the garden. So my idea is to reveal what I have planted and put in lots of other bird and bee attracting natives. There is a lot of hard work to go, but I’ve made the start. I’m a bit battered and bruised and sore but it is very rewarding.

The thing that I am not happy about is the continued politicisation of climate change. I have written before about the need to keep to the commitment of limiting green house gas emissions at 1.5% to save the Great Barrier Reef. This has not changed.

I know that I will not see the worst of climate change in my lifetime, but we must do it now for my children and theirs.

On the most important issue for generations to come the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is simply looking at doing the very least he can while still wedging the Labor Party, in the lead up to an election. It is simply not good enough.

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