My favourite photo from my trip to the Menindee Lakes

A Hollow Plan from a Hollow Man

I haven’t written about climate change for a while as this blog was about my travel adventures. But it is an issue I feel very strongly about. However, I’ve been in lockdown for a long time and I think I would like to visit the South Australian coast. So I am waiting for the newContinue reading “A Hollow Plan from a Hollow Man”

An Orchid Amongst the Weeds

Yesterday I was walking along a pretty well worn track along the water. There are quite a few houses fronting on to a reserve. Unfortunately the reserve is home to a lot of weeds. There are little tussocks of dianella with its tiny blue flowers which grows pretty well here. But I saw this littleContinue reading “An Orchid Amongst the Weeds”

A little Ray

For the last few months I have been volunteering for a wildlife rescue organisation. It has been both rewarding and educative. Rewarding because you get to help save native wildlife from birds of every type to snakes, echidnas, wallabies and even a sting ray. And of course meeting all the carers and rescuers who lookContinue reading “A little Ray”

Out of Lock Down

It was fantastic to catch up with my son, Ben and one of my daughters, Ellen on the weekend. We had a really nice time in Sydney. Still one daughter to go. I can’t go North as yet because the Hunter remains a no go area. But in a couple of weeks time we canContinue reading “Out of Lock Down”

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