A Place to Call Home

In 2017 when you could still travel outside Australia’s borders, Kate and I had 3 weeks touring Scotland, England, Paris and Berlin. I loved every minute of it and cant wait to go again when COVID is under control. The first place we visiting was the Isle of Skye as this is where some ofContinue reading “A Place to Call Home”


Saltwater Beach is a beautiful spot just out of Old Bar. I visited when my daughter Kate was nursing at Taree. It is a special place to the Biripi. When they were removed from here and taken to Taree, they would walk here for special ceremonial occasions. This is Khappinghat Creek which feeds into theContinue reading “Saltwater”

Would I Lie To You

Several years ago I was working for a Federal Member of Parliament. I was good at my job because I suppose I cared about people. In retrospect, (having a stroke will do this to you) maybe I got a bit big headed. Politics is a world full of ego’s and it is difficult for itContinue reading “Would I Lie To You”

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