Poppy and I go to the Desert

Lock Down Continues

There are 22 new COVID cases on the Central Coast today. Most were out and about while infectious. For Poppy and me that means continuing on our walks and discovering new sights. It would be nice to be travelling but obviously people continuing to travel is causing the virus to spread. I know people areContinue reading “Lock Down Continues”

National Threatened Species Day

Australia has nearly two thousand threatened species. Some are drop dead beautiful like the little Greater Glider. Some are easy to love like koalas and the northern hairy nosed wombat, but some are a little less cute like the little Boggomoss Snail. You can find the list of threatened species her at the Department ofContinue reading “National Threatened Species Day”

Are there better places to be in Lock Down?

Than Saratoga. These photos are from Saratoga looking over the water to Woy Woy. This is the route the ferry takes from Woy Woy to Saratoga and back. On land it is the one I take when I am taking Poppy for a walk. It was glorious today. The breeze off the water, these magnificentContinue reading “Are there better places to be in Lock Down?”

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