What to do in Lockdown

Well lockdown on the Central Coast is a real stinker. The weather is beautiful and the scenery is pretty awesome. Because I am a hermit it has been easy to stay away from people, although there are heaps of people walking their dogs. I keep muttering under my breath at them for getting in theContinue reading “What to do in Lockdown”

Brisbane Waters National Park

Pretty In Pink If you love walking and fantastic views then this is the place for you. The park stretches just north of the Hawkesbury River and to Gosford and the adjacent coast. It takes in the pretty township of Patonga and these photos were taken on the headland above Patonga. There are lots ofContinue reading “Brisbane Waters National Park”

The Great Barrier Reef

In 1981 the Great Barrier Reef was listed as World Heritage. It was in the same year the then Liberal Government of Malcolm Fraser established the Human Rights Commission. Both enduring and significant acts of a Liberal government. UNESCO are due to meet about whether to place the Great Barrier Reef as “in Danger’ butContinue reading “The Great Barrier Reef”

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