The Trip North

Part One: A journey Back in Time I very recently visited my sister and brother who both live in Cobden. They live on opposite banks of the Curdies River a few kilometres apart. I grew up not far from here on a dairy farm at Cooriemungle. My sister and her partner are planning a tripContinue reading “The Trip North”

The Tale of Bully Forbes

Hell or Melbourne This is the motto of the Captain of the Marco Polo, James “Bully” Forbes. He became famous in Australia and England in 1852 when as Captain of the Marco Polo, he broke the record for the quickest time to travel from Liverpool to Port Phillip. He made the journey in 68 days,Continue reading “The Tale of Bully Forbes”

Easy Eggs

While your enjoying the great outdoors it is important to eat healthy. Moreover, preparation, good cooking equipment and some basic recipes are key. I spent my whole life not being able to poach eggs. It didn’t matter what method I tried I couldn’t get them to stay together. However, I was watching one of thoseContinue reading “Easy Eggs”

Food On the Go

It is especially difficult to cook for one. But is important because food is not just something to fill up on, it is important for our health both psychically and mentally. It becomes a bit more challenging when camping. I am mostly vegetarian these days. There are three main reasons for this. My concerns aboutContinue reading “Food On the Go”

A Kookaburra Near Miss

I was in the kitchen when I heard a noise coming from the backyard. Upon investigation I found a kookaburra in the green waste bin. I am not sure how long it had been in there but it was pretty pissed off. I turned the bin over and let it out where it pretty angrilyContinue reading “A Kookaburra Near Miss”

Menindee Lakes

Menindee is just over a thousand kilometres north west of Sydney. It is fed by the Barka/Darling River. It is culturally and environmentally important. The Barkindji gaining Native Title rights in 2015, but to the land not the water of the Barka. It is an important habitat for birds and fish species when it isContinue reading “Menindee Lakes”

Wonderful Sydney

Last Saturday afternoon I went to the SCG to watch the Sydney Swans. Unfortunately they lost by 2 points. But I had the pleasure of walking from Central Station to Moore Park. The introduction of the new tram tracks have certainly increased foot traffic in the this part of Surry Hills. I had a bitContinue reading “Wonderful Sydney”

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