Out of Lock Down

It was fantastic to catch up with my son, Ben and one of my daughters, Ellen on the weekend. We had a really nice time in Sydney. Still one daughter to go. I can’t go North as yet because the Hunter remains a no go area. But in a couple of weeks time we canContinue reading “Out of Lock Down”

George Nicholls

I am in lock down so no stories of where I have been. And I thought I would give you a break about my campaign to Save the Great Barrier Reef. Instead how about a story about my 3rd great grandfather. George Nicholls was born in the slums of South London in 1808. He wasContinue reading “George Nicholls”

Heading North-The Adventure Continues

Lake Bolac I stopped at Lake Bolac on my way north. I had been through here many of times when I was younger. But I think this was the first time I stopped to look at the lake. Before Europeans arrived Lake Bolac was a meeting place for many of the Indigenous clans of theContinue reading “Heading North-The Adventure Continues”

The Trip North Continued

The Volcanic Plains I next visited my brother who breeds native freshwater blackfish. The blackfish are extinct in many of the south-west waterways due to habitat destruction, agricultural pollution and introduced species. However, my brother has managed to breed them. He is hoping to have them reintroduced into selected streams so that they can beContinue reading “The Trip North Continued”

The Trip North

Part One: A journey Back in Time I very recently visited my sister and brother who both live in Cobden. They live on opposite banks of the Curdies River a few kilometres apart. I grew up not far from here on a dairy farm at Cooriemungle. My sister and her partner are planning a tripContinue reading “The Trip North”

The Tale of Bully Forbes

Hell or Melbourne This is the motto of the Captain of the Marco Polo, James “Bully” Forbes. He became famous in Australia and England in 1852 when as Captain of the Marco Polo, he broke the record for the quickest time to travel from Liverpool to Port Phillip. He made the journey in 68 days,Continue reading “The Tale of Bully Forbes”

A Feeling Of Unease

Yesterday I went to the Doctors to make sure I had my prescriptions up to date before I started travelling. She suggested I get the Jab for COVID as I am in one of the targeted groups. I have always said that I would get the vaccination as soon as it became available but theContinue reading “A Feeling Of Unease”

The Week Just Gone

I had a very eventful week and I captured some of it in pictures for you to see. Farewell to my old car which I bought with so much optimism and I loved her dearly. She was written off in a hail storm about 2 years ago. Shortly after I got her I got veryContinue reading “The Week Just Gone”

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