Poppy and I go to the Mountains

Dreaming of Travel

Four years ago Kate and I were getting organised for our visit to Scotland, London, Paris and Berlin. Today it feels like a dream. I fell in love with Paris and would love to go back. But that is all a bit academic at the moment. At the moment I can’t even travel outside theContinue reading “Dreaming of Travel”

Still in Lockdown

I had my second vaccination for Astra Zeneca yesterday so all good to go but where? Well nowhere really until the COVID numbers come down in Sydney. So back to living like a hermit although there isn’t a lot of difference really to the way I live all the time. Looking forward to getting backContinue reading “Still in Lockdown”

Heading North-The Adventure Continues

Lake Bolac I stopped at Lake Bolac on my way north. I had been through here many of times when I was younger. But I think this was the first time I stopped to look at the lake. Before Europeans arrived Lake Bolac was a meeting place for many of the Indigenous clans of theContinue reading “Heading North-The Adventure Continues”

Wonderful Sydney

Last Saturday afternoon I went to the SCG to watch the Sydney Swans. Unfortunately they lost by 2 points. But I had the pleasure of walking from Central Station to Moore Park. The introduction of the new tram tracks have certainly increased foot traffic in the this part of Surry Hills. I had a bitContinue reading “Wonderful Sydney”

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