The Eucalyptus I love this site with it beautiful photos of the eucalyptus.

Save the Reef

ACT NOW ON CLIMATE CHANGE We can not afford to wait for the Australian Government to act on climate change. We must demand they act in the interests of our young people and commit to reaching the Paris Agreement of 1.5 % increase in temperature. We are reading in our newspapers daily about the deathContinue reading “Save the Reef”

Senior business figures turned to former PM Kevin Rudd to intervene in bringing forward Australia’s Pfizer vaccine supply  – ABC News

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd contacted Pfizer chairman and chief executive Albert Bourla directly at the end of June to see if anything could be done to expedite the delivery of vaccines to Australia.  — Read on What is the point of Scott Morrison!?

George Nicholls

I am in lock down so no stories of where I have been. And I thought I would give you a break about my campaign to Save the Great Barrier Reef. Instead how about a story about my 3rd great grandfather. George Nicholls was born in the slums of South London in 1808. He wasContinue reading “George Nicholls”

Friday Reminder – Save the Reef

Come on Australia! Another report has put Australia last in taking action to address climate change. The Sustainable Development Report scored last out of 193 countries on action to reduce green gas emissions. This report “A database shows Australia received a score of just 10 out of 100 in an assessment of fossil fuel emissions, emissions associatedContinue reading “Friday Reminder – Save the Reef”

Saving the Reef What Can We Do?

What Needs To Happen Australia remains one of the highest emitters of greenhouse gas polluters in the world. Australia needs to reduce its emissions. We do this by reducing our reliance on coal and other high emission industries. Like it or not we have to reduce our emissions and need to do it fast orContinue reading “Saving the Reef What Can We Do?”

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