Dark Emu

Dark Emu: Black Seeds: agriculture or accident ? written by Bruce Pascoe and published by Magabala Books If you believe that the First Nations in Australia people have been badly treated then you should read this book. If you continue to believe the old, colonial tropes about First Nations people you should read this book.Continue reading “Dark Emu”

What Happened to Robert Pond?

Shipwrecked in Vanuatu I was doing some research for a historical project when I found Robert Pond. Only briefly because he disappeared from view as quickly as he had appeared. He was mentioned in a newspaper article from March 1848, in The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List, which left me with many unansweredContinue reading “What Happened to Robert Pond?”

The Huntsmen

I wrote this poem a few years ago after listening to a couple of radio hosts tell stories of Huntsmen Spiders causing accidents when they hitched a ride in the car. They were scared of the Spiders. I couldn’t help seeing it from the Spiders perspective. Bob and Paul were Huntsmen Big hairy huntsmen. TheyContinue reading “The Huntsmen”

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