Out of Lock Down

It was fantastic to catch up with my son, Ben and one of my daughters, Ellen on the weekend. We had a really nice time in Sydney. Still one daughter to go. I can’t go North as yet because the Hunter remains a no go area. But in a couple of weeks time we canContinue reading “Out of Lock Down”

Fur Seal at Saratoga

Today I went for my usual walk. I decided to walk along the water to the football oval. I stopped at one of the public wharfs and saw a man in his canoe circling this black object sitting out of the water. I could not work out what it was and it was too farContinue reading “Fur Seal at Saratoga”

Pool at Yattalunga

Poppy and I walk everyday and yesterday we visited the pool at Yattalunga. Poppy loves the water but only up to the bottom of her tummy. It is a beautiful place to be in lock down and the weather has been fantastic. People are out enjoying picnics in the park, sunbaking on the pool deckContinue reading “Pool at Yattalunga”

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