Dead Lions

I am really enjoying the Slough House Series by Mike Herron. The one thing I love is Mike Herron’s sardonic humour. The Slow Horses of Slough House, believing the will make it back to the main game one day are at their best when they are working together. But nothing goes according to plan.

The real spooks think they are way smarter than they are and the Slow Horses continue to be led by Jackson Lamb who seems to know where all the bodies are buried and orchestrates this mad band. His bellicose nature and his farting, burping and other other obnoxious personal habits only goes to emphasise what he knows.

The wonderfully names Dicky Bow, an old and long retired spook gets killed following a man he remembers from the old days. Jackson Lamb, an acquaintance of the late Dicky Bow is convinced there is more to it and is a problem of the present. All roads lead to Upshot. Why?

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