The Road Less Travelled

Hello, my name is Sue and this is my blog. I’ve worked in politics and the community sector and I love to write. I have 3 children, all grown. I love the bush, the beach, the bright lights of the city and a good book. I am a Sydney Swans member and love going to the fabulous SCG to watch the footy or the cricket.

I have always liked camping and I love going to new places. Beaches, gold prospecting and bush camping are all something I enjoy. I now plan to do it full time. There is only me and Poppy and it is the perfect time to hit the road.

I was going to buy a van but the demand for them, have pushed them beyond my budget so I bought a Nissan Xtrail. I can fit a bed in the back and I plan to travel light. I like my cappuccino, shower and internet too much to spend too much time off the grid.

I plan to keep this blog and update it regularly with my activities, some photos and some lists which I hope people will find useful. I will also do some book reviews.

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