I am going to install Solar on the van. There are some things I am going to have to ask the experts about. Like, just how much wattage I need for a small fridge, some lighting, a small stove and backing up my phone and laptop. So I would welcome any suggestions.

About Me

I am a sixty something year old woman. I have spent a large part of my life involved in progressive politics. I got quite sick a few years ago and although I still have an interest in politics, politics has lost its interest in me. So I’m going to embrace the invisibility that my age and gender have given me and head out in my van, with my dog Poppy and enjoy the freedom of it all. I will be blogging my adventures starting at the beginning so join me.

Whilst I am yet to get started in my new life, I have been camping out in places I find of interest. I might just give you a taste of that as Poppy and I get set for our adventures.

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